Wickerson Studios: a multi-dimensional visualizing studio for creative people

Wickerson Studios facilitates your design / your build studio from conception to completion. By flowing between non-linear analogue and digital design; artists, architects, engineers, and programmers will be able to collaborate in various ways.

Training and education will develop out of mentor relationships, emerge from participating in workshops and demonstrations, and evolve from access to equipment and technology, and benefit from professional freelance and commission services.

Illuminating the Invisible / Data Brought to Life / Beauty and Understanding


Step 1: Please consider the following questions before reaching out to us via telephone or email in order for us to better facilitate Your Design / Your Build.

Q1: Are you interested in working in 2D, 3D, 4D or a combination of the three?

Q2: Are you seeking education/training and/or a maker-space/fabrication studio for Your Design / Your Build?

Q3: Regarding the skills required for Your Design / Your Build, would you consider yourself an enthusiast, beginner, intermediate, or expert?

Q4: Would you best describe yourself as an artist, designer, engineer, architect, or programmer?

Q5: Are you interested in dealing with Michael Wickerson, an arts educator/fabricator or Beth Wickerson, a developer/programmer, or both of us on Your Design / Your Build?

Q6: Are you interested in co-designing/co-fabricating Your Design / Your Build or are you more interested in commissioning us to produce Your Design / Your Build?

Q7: Can we reconnect with you via telephone or email regarding Your Design / Your Build?  If so, what are the best times and channels to contact you?

Beth and Michael Wickerson
Co-founders and C-Directors of Wickerson Studios

Contact: mike{at}wickersonstudios.com