Digital to Analogue Projects at Wickerson Studios


Wickerson Studios is now offering programs for artists, animators, architects, engineers, mathematicians, hobbyists, coders, and everything in between beginning in the spring of 2019.


From Tinkercad to Scratch, Meshmixer to Blender, and Rhino to Houdini; people of all ages are encouraged to explore how traditional methods of fabrication, casting aluminum, bronze and iron, and wood-firing ceramics can be employed to develop personal interests in Digital Art.


Those motivated and inspired by digital interests in photography and film, science and technology, landscape and architecture, FX and gaming, script and node coding may well find themselves digging into the 14 acres of rolling land both conceptually and physically in a search for both the new and technological unknown.


Those interested should contact Michael Wickerson at directly and begin by requesting to join the FACEBOOK GROUP: SCRATCHING THE SURFACE


Research based projects can begin at the most basic creative primary level and extend to one’s most amazing dreams: both wondrous and complex. Whether you are completely new to traditional sculpture, skilled in computer aided design (CAD), or an expert in mathematical and logical algorithmic modeling; you will most definitely be able to explore and discover if and where your mind’s passions might lead.


Somewhere between adrenaline and anxiety, the roar of the furnaces and kilns challenges each and everyone of us on a personal and emotional level to prove ourselves.


“There is no help for it: life has to be lived – an if one refused to be a man of action and retires into the quiet of a hermit’s solitude, even then the vicissitudes of existence with assault one inwardly, they will still be there to test one’s character and to prove one a hero or a half-wit.” – Death in Venice and Other Stories By Thomas Mann


Contact: mike{at}