Lifting and Pulling, .3dm rendering, .gh file, coded March 7th, 2019


Michael Wickerson, director of Wickerson Studios, promotes sculpture by research through material processes and digital logic.  This dynamic research operates on a variety of scales, from algorithmic modeling, computer aided design, technical and gestural drawings, metal fabrication and casting, to full scale architectural buildings made from timber and adobe out in rural Kansas.  The complexity of working this way creates an organizational structure that emerges from a physical hands on approach and, in turn, informs and develops the direction any future digital designed based projects may take.  Our contemporary society provides an open forum for activating and applying these skills on a multitude of levels, ranging from modeling and programming, art production to physics simulations, and architecture to engineering.


Wickerson’s work experience in the United States, Canada, and Holland includes A. Zahner Company, Metalabs, and the Kansas City Art Institute, where he currently works.  In 2000 he graduated with a Master’s degree in Sculpture form the L. L. Oudette Sculpture Studio at York University  in Toronto Canada after having previously studied in Art and Mathematics at the University of Waterloo.  His work has been featured in a series of international galleries and art centers, such as the Leedy Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City, among others.  Wickerson has appeared as a guest speaker at the Kinetic Sculpture Symposium at the Nerman Museum and the Guild It program at the Kemper Museum in Kansas City.  He hosted the Iron Pour at Wickerson Studio for the 2017 International Sculpture Conference in Kansas and has been invited to lead casting workshops and lectures at the Life Nourishing Arts Center in Toronto Ontario for International Sculpture Day each year.


Wickerson has most recently been invited to travel to Holland and Poland to collaborate with Naked Architecture and JR Imageworks in order to continue the production of a series of digital analogue prints that began in 2013 at Wickerson Studios entitled, “Fire Over Kansas”.  This ongoing international project has crossed the Atlantic Ocean several times in many different forms and has explored the work of a collection of internationally recognized artists and designers.  The project continues and final prints have already been exhibited in The Netherlands, Krakow, New York and Kansas City.


iteration, .3dm rendering, .gh file, coded March 6th, 2019


iteration, .3dm rendering, .gh file, coded March 5th, 2019


iteration, .3dm rendering, .gh file, coded March 4th, 2019


iteration 006, .3dm rendering, .gh file, coded March 2nd, 2019


iteration 005 Scape, .3dm rendering, .gh file, coded March 2nd, 2019



Stacked 1.0, algorithmic model, .3dm rendering from .gh file, Wickerson Studios, 2019


Stacked 2.0, algorithmic model, .3dm rendering from .gh file, Wickerson Studios, 2019


Stacked 2.0, algorithmic model, .3dm rendering from .gh file, Wickerson Studios, 2019



Chain Links, digital print, 2018

Rope Pulley, digital print, 2019

Rope, digital print, 2019

Braided Rope, digital print, 2018

Hull, digital print, 2018

created at Wickerson Studios 2.0

Contact: mike{at}