Welcome to Wickerson Studios: a business incubator for the arts that facilitates training, materials and processes for innovators wanting to capitalize on their works.

Step 1: Please consider the following questions before reaching out to us via telephone or email in order for us to better facilitate Your Design / Your Build.

Q1: Are you interested in working in 2D, 3D, 4D or a combination of the three?

Q2: Are you seeking education/training and/or a maker-space/fabrication studio for Your Design / Your Build?

Q3: Regarding the skills required for Your Design / Your Build, would you consider yourself an enthusiast, beginner, intermediate, or expert?

Q4: Would you best describe yourself as an artist, designer, engineer, architect, or programmer?

Q5: Are you interested in dealing with Michael Wickerson, an arts educator/fabricator or Beth Wickerson, a developer/programmer, or both of us on Your Design / Your Build?

Q6: Are you interested in co-designing/co-fabricating Your Design / Your Build or are you more interested in commissioning us to produce Your Design / Your Build?

Q7: Can we reconnect with you via telephone or email regarding Your Design / Your Build?  If so, what are the best times and channels to contact you?

Beth and Michael Wickerson
Co-founders and C-Directors of Wickerson Studios

Contact: mike{at}wickersonstudios.com