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Wickerson's Computational Mind, 2022-23

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Wickerson Studios Research and Development Center 2022-2023

27 Private Repositories on Github @ Your Repositories (

LearnPythonGrasshopperGpt4o Private

  • Learn Python in Grasshopper with GPT-4o Image and Text Prompts

DynamicGeometryTheejs Private

MachineLearning_2024 Private

  • Machine Learning with gpt prompting and Grasshopper for Rhino3D in C# code.

VisualizingCalculus Private

  • Learn how to generate working C# code for the Grasshopper script editor with gpt-4 image and text prompts for Visualizing Calculus at Wickerson Studios

gpt4ImagePromptingToCSharp Private

  • Create Parametric and Computational C# Scripts in Grasshopper for Rhino8 from gpt4 Image Prompts

gpt4imagePromtingCscharpNode Private

  • create C# shodes from .gh node script image prompts with gpt-4

LearnCsharpGPT Private

  • Learn Csharp with GPT, summer 2024

BridgeBuildingInBlender Private

  • Sign up and Support on Patreon if you would like the chatGPT Transcript for this BRIDGE BUILDING ITERATIVE TRANSCRIPT for these BLENDER PYTHON ANIMATION CODE

biomimicryPythonAnimationsBlender Private

  • biomimicry blender animations in blender

pythonAnimationBlenderScripts Private

  • 15 new python animation script for blender February 2024

LearnPythonScriptingForBlender Private

  • gpt-4 Image/text Prompting

gpt4PromptingCsharp Private

  • prep files for McNeels lecture

PythonScriptBlender Private

  • learning BLENDER and I am already creating animations/simulations like this with gpt-4 image and text prompts in minutes.

MathTypeImagePrompts Private

  • gpt imate/text prompt form Mathtype image formulas into working c# script for parametric models in Grasshopper and Rhino3d of complex mathematical formulas

LearnCsharpWithGpt4 Private

  • Learn How to Create Functions and Methods in Grasshopper in C# with gpt-4 text prompts

gpt_image_prompting Private

  • gpt image prompting from MathType instagram posts

gpt-_Text_Prompts_into_Csharp Private

  • gpt-4 text prompts into writing C# code for the NEW script editor in Grasshopper for Rhino8 BETA

Mathtype_gpt4_python Private

  • Translating Mathype formulas into Grasshopper Scripts with the New Script Editor and gpt-4.

Learn_Python_and_Csharp_in_Grasshopper Private

  • Learn Python and C# programming with Common Functions in Grasshopper with gpt-4 text prompts for Rhino8 BETA Script Editor

Csharp_Mathematics_Grasshopper Private

  • Use this script editor template to create a script for the C# node in grasshopper for rhino8 that models geometry

Csharp_into_Grasshopper_Rhino8BETA Private

  • Csharp_into_Grasshopper_Rhino8BETA

Mathematics_4_Grasshopper Private

  • All in One Mathematics for Grasshopper Scripts

Single_Variable_Calculus_in_Grasshopper Private

  • Learn Single Variable Calculus with Grasshopper in Rhino with gpt-4 text prompts

Learn_DATA_SCIENCE_Visually Private

  • Becoming a Data Scientist with Python in Grasshopper at Wickerson Studios


  • Learn Python with gpt-4 into Python 3 Nodes in Grasshopper for Rhino8WIP

gh_Understanding_2020 Private

  • gh Understanding 2022

DreamTeam Private

  • gh files for Dream Team

Creative_Coding_v2 Private

  • creative coding

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  • ZIP (10MB)
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