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Introducing: The Fusion of Elegance and Power at Wickerson Studios

🎨 Wickerson Studios Digital Assets presents to you a symphony of digital craftsmanship. Dive deep into the harmonious confluence of Advanced Python 3 Libraries seamlessly integrated within Grasshopper for Rhino8WIP.

🐍 NUMPY meets Rhino Common API: An alliance long awaited. This isn’t just a joining of tools – it’s a meeting of minds and methods, a bridge between the expansive power of NUMPY and the vast possibilities of the Rhino Common API.

🌌 Every line of code has been meticulously crafted, with insights provided by GPT-4 and the deft touch of Michael Wickerson. His expertise has polished every function and refined every algorithm, ensuring an unparalleled user experience.

🔗 Discover a streamlined approach: Say goodbye to the clutter of the Hops Plugin, ghhops_server, flask, ghpython, and ghpython remote. Your workspace, now more streamlined and focused than ever.

🚀 Begin your journey of architectural mastery by downloading our sample script. Unleash the potential to construct mesmerizing geometries using NUMPY, all within the Python 3 script node set against the picturesque backdrop of the Grasshopper canvas for Rhino8WIP.

📦 As an added jewel to our offering, receive a ‘.gh’ file, brimming with the combined wonders of NUMPY and the Rhino Common API.

Your canvas awaits, and so does the future of design.

Join us, and let’s sculpt it together. Only at Wickerson Studios.